Current Issue

Published: Oct 10, 2018

Pharmacognostical, physicochemical investigations and phytochemical of seeds of Meyna laxiflora Robyns

455-465 Janarthanan. L, Venkateswarlu B.S

Pattern of adverse drug reactions reported at a tertiary care teaching hospital in north east India: a retrospective observational study conducted under pharmacology department

304-312 Datta M, Majumdar G, Ghosh R, Das L

Losartan in management of hypertension in children

313-319 Dr. S. Umamaheswara Raju, Dr. J. Margaret Viola, Dr P. Raghunadha Rao

A study to evaluate the effect of proton pump inhibitors (PPI’S) on vitamin d levels

320-326 Dr. Syed Arshaduddin Ahmed, Dr. P. Srujana

An experimental study on antidepressant activity of methanolic extract of momordica charantia leaves

327-335 A Haseeb, F Ahmad, A Kumar

Effects of local anesthesia with adrenaline on blood pressure and pulse rate of healthy and hypertensive patients undergoing tooth extraction

336-339 Dr. P. Srujana, Dr. Syed Arshaduddin Ahmed

A study on appropriateness of prescribing pattern in geriatric patients with multiple co-morbid conditions

340-346 Dr.Shivashankar V, Nidhiya Rose J Aruparayil, Nimitha Ann Ipe, Priscilla Ann Prasad, Prisella Mathew

Comparative analysis of distribution patterns of research protocol: a retrospective, observational study

347-353 Palvi Kudyar, Roshi, Vishal R. Tandon, Brij Mohan Gupta

A cross sectional questionnaire based study of knowledge, attitude and practices of pharmacovigilanceprogramme among staff nurses in a teaching tertiary care hospital

354-359 Muzaffer Ahmad Pukhta, Zubair Ashai2, Urfan Nabi

Fabrication and in-vitro characterization of ORO dispersible tablets of lafutidine

360-374 Umamaheswari.D, Abdul Hasan Sathali, Senthil Prabhu.R, Sivapriya.S, Selva Kumar.M

Screening of anti-cancer effect of naringenin in 7, 12-dimethyl benzanthracene induced breast cancer in female Wistar Albino rats

375-380 Sandeep V M, Nirmala P, SarathBabu K

Demonstration of analgesic activity of ferula asafoetidain an animal model

381-389 Hasan.R, Abidi.A, Qadeer.F, Rizvi.D, Thadani.A, Arora.S

Clinical outcome of haemodialysis on the pharmacokinetics of levocetirizinedihydrochloride

390-393 N. Sriram, S V Jahnavi Narayabhatla, N.Shiva Krishna, K.Nava Jyothi, Hanumanth Srinivas

Prescription pattern and rational drug use in cases of enteric fever in a tertiary care hospital

299-303 Dr. Virendra Kushwaha, Dr. Mohit Trivedi, Mr. Nagesh Chaganti, Dr. Pooja Agrawal, Dr. Tanu Midda