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The Meyna laxiflora Robyns belongs to the family Rubiaceae. In the present work, pharmacognostic studies of this medicinal plant was attempted which included physicochemical, phytochemical, macroscopic, microscopic studies and organoleptic evaluation. The plant powder characteristics were also elucidated. The physicochemical analyses were done by using WHO recommended parameters such as loss on drying, ash values (total ash, water soluble ash, acid insoluble ash, sulphated ash, carbonated ash, and nitrated ash), extractive values and Foaming index. The seeds were vertically oblong and elliptical in outline. The surface is reddish brown, smooth and membranous. Microscopical study depicts a elliptical in outline and shows thin dark seed coat enclosing massive perisperm and cellular endosperm with a central embryo. The powder of the seed consists of abundant seed coat sclereids and parenchyma cells of cotyledons. Foaming index value of powdered seeds of M.laxiflora Robyns was less than 100. Qualitative Phytochemical Analysis of ethanolic and aqueous extracts of powdered seeds of M.laxiflora Robyns showed the presence of Alkaloids, Tannins and Phenolic compounds, Flavanoids, Seroids, Proteins and amino acids. The pharmacognostic characters enlisted in this study will help in identification of the crude drug; the standardization parameters laid down will ensure the efficacy of drug and also distinguish the drug from its adulterants. The distinguishing characters will also be helpful for the preparation of monograph of this plant.


Meyna laxiflora Robyns macroscopic microscopic cotyledonous Phytochemical

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Janarthanan. L, & Venkateswarlu B.S. (2021). Pharmacognostical, physicochemical investigations and phytochemical of seeds of Meyna laxiflora Robyns. International Journal of Research in Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics, 7(4), 455-465. Retrieved from


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