Published: Jan 10, 2019

Antimalarial efficacy of Nyctanthes arbor-tristis and its effect on combination with Artesunate in Plasmodium berghei K173 induced mice model.

1-9 Ashwini Kumar Singh, Aniraban Pal, Hemant Kumar Dutt

A questionnaire based study to assesss the Attitude and Perceptions of fifth term medical students at Mahadevappa Rampure medical college, Kalaburagi regarding teaching methods and learning in pharmacology

10-15 Vallabhaneni Rajesh, Santoshkumar R. Jeevangi , Patil BV

Ulceroprotective effect of ethanolic extract of aegle marmelos leaves in wistar rats

16-22 Saranya R, Sumitha A, Padmavathi S, Dhananjay S Kotasthane, Manimekalai K

Metformin v/s glibenclamide : for intial therapy of type 2 diabetes mellitus in a tertiary care hospital, a comparative study, for efficacy and tolerability

23-28 Dr. Syed Wasif, Dr. Ashfaq Ahmed2

An Observative Study of Comparison Between Non-Antibiotic And With Antibiotic Treatment of Acute Diarrhea In A Tertiary Care Hospital

33-41 Dr. Syed Wasif, Dr. G.B.Doddamani

Study on the prevalence of asymptomatic bacterial vaginal infections in pre and post menopausal diabetic women

42-48 N. Rajkumar, G. Shanthi, S. Selvakumar

A review on pulmonary diseases

49-54 Dr.L.Siddhartha, Bhavitha Kandru, Pravalika Dubasi, Sirisha Pullagurla

Evaluate the anti-atherosclerotic activity of ethanol extract of Ochna obtusata DC. In the male wister albino rats by using High fat diet induced method

55-71 Dasari Rajesh, N.S.Rama Raju, Garlapati Usha Kiran, P.Selvam, Partiban, N.Sriram

Experimental evaluation of antidiabetic activity of syzygium aromaticum extract in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats

72-76 Ganesh Balram Saiprasanna, Balasubramaniyan Prathap, Sam Pavan Kumar

Demographic profile in urinary tract infection

77-81 Rushika S. Modi, Sagun V. Desai

Drug utilization study in urinary tract infection in a tertiary care hospital: a prospective study

82-86 Rushika S. Modi, Sagun V. Desai

Study of prescription pattern in the management of herpes zoster at brims hospital, bidar

87-96 Savitha.A , Kashinatha Gumma

A study on prescribing pattern of drugs prescribed in patients of acute myocardial infarction admitted in ICCU at a tertiary care hospital

97-104 Dr. Purvi. J. Tanna, Dr. Priyanka. P. Hotha, Dr. Shrijikumar. C. Thakkar

Terminalia catappa: A potential herb to promote hair growth, preliminary preclinical study

105-108 Harsha Vardhan K, Jaikumar S

Antimicrobial utilization study in the department of surgery in a tertiary care teaching rural hospital

109-113 Rushika S. Modi, Rushabh somani

A prospective study on the efficacy of two drug combination chemotherapy in patients with malignant gonadal germ cell tumors

114-120 Sudha. R, Navajothi. R, P. K. Muthu kumara samy

Prospective study on the effect and outcome of injection adrenaline administration during cardiopulmonary resuscitation

121-126 Sudha. R, Vignesh Prabakaran