Published: Oct 10, 2020

Assessing the adherence of randomly collected prescriptions at the pharmacy desk to the trust guidelines

263-268 R. Abhishek, P. Santhi, Paul T Francis

Antimicrobial potential of Ficus religiosa L. against Multidrug resistant bacterial isolates

285-289 Satnam Singh, GPI Singh, RG Saini, Amandeep Kaur

Evaluation of antimicrobial activity of the roots of Plectranthus Sp

269-273 Dr. S. K. Devipriya, Dr. V. Sathyanathan

Acute pancreatitis- A comprehensive review

279-284 Arun Ramachandran, Prof. Dr Ajithbabu T K, Babin Dhas Reejo

New Anticancer Agents: Recent Developments in Tumour Therapy

290-296 Akhila S, Prof. R. Santhan Nehru Narkili

A Review on the Anti-Hyperlipidemic activity of Medicinal plants

297-300 Chaithra C.P, Prof. R. Santhan Nehru Narkili

Preliminary phytochemical, acute toxicity study & Anti-obesity activity of roots of bauhinia tomentosa

301-310 Thirumurthy R, Senthilkumar N, Jeyabalan G

Cardiovascular drug delivery: development and characterization of captopril chronomodulated drug delivery system for the management of hypertension

311-326 Kannan C, Senthilkumar N, Thirumurthy R

In-silico molecular docking study on phytochemical components of Solanum trilobatum Linn. against enzyme transport protein.

256-262 Jeyaraman Amutha Iswarya Devi, Gokulakrishnan R, , Kanagaraj T, Pradeepa R

Analgesic, anti-inflammatory & CNS depressant activity of methanolic extract of plectranthus vettiveroides stem bark in mice

274-278 N. Sriram Nagarajan, R. Santhan Nehru Narkilli, Kameshwaran.S, Elavarasan.N, Asok Kumar.DS

New Advanced Analytical Methodologies Developed for Quality Control of Herbal Extracts of Foeniculum Vulgare Mill Formulations

279-286 Mohammed Minhajuddin