Published: May 14, 2021

In-vitro anti-tuberculosis, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant screening for certain synthesized N-Phenyl-3-Phenyl-5-Substituted Phenyl Pyrazoline and 4-Phenyl-6-Substituted phenyl-3, 4-Dihydro Pyrimidine-2-one analogues

199-208 Dr. S.Selvakumar, Dr. R.Nallathambi, L.Matsyagiri, P.Prapulla, Afreen, P.Pranathi

Prediction of target enzyme for diabetes mellitus by isolated blood samples

209-214 G. Nagaraja Perumal, S.Mohan

Hepatoprotective effects of l-carnitine against cyclosporine A-induced liver injury in white albino rats; a newly proposed mechanism of action

215-225 Sanaa. A. Ahmed

Purification, immunogenicity and insilico functional characterisation of a putative metallopeptidase from Staphylococcus aureus

226-234 Dileep Francis , Surekha Kuyyalil

Astashine capsules: an excellent choice to boost immune system

235-239 Govind Shukla, Nagalakshmi Yaparthy, Jyothika Vanamali, C.J. Sampath Kumar

Wrightia tinctoria (Indrajav)-Apocynaceae: Overview

240-244 Sunita Verma

Evaluation of anti-Parkinson's effect of Peganum harmala on haloperidol induced catalepsy in experimental animal model

245-250 Abdulrahman M. Alshahrani

Comparative evaluation of analgesic activity of SSRI and atypical antidepressant: an experimental study

251-255 R Agrawal, K Saha, S Mohapatra

Phytochemical Screening and GC-MS analysis of Ethanolic extract of TecomaStans (Family: Bignoniaceae) "Yellow Bell Flowers"

256-261 G. Anburaj, M. Marimuthu, V. Rajasudha, DR. R. Manikandan

A work on synthesis & characterization of Piperidine-4-carbohydrazide derivatives with its antimicrobial evaluation of pharmaceutical interest

262-272 Paresh Shende, Kartik Vyas, Dr. Kaushik Joshi

Development of novel gastroretentive mucoadhesive pulsetile tablets for zileuton

273-285 Vancha Harish, K.Nagaraju, J.Subhash, Dr.Nallathambi