Published: Apr 11, 2020

MK‑801‑induced psychosis diminishing impact of TecomaStans in mice

107-118 Dr.R.Manivannan, Mr.M.Sarbudeen, Mr.S.Kameshwaran, Mr.G.Sureshkumar, Mr.N.Elavarasan, Ms.S.Meena, Mrs.S.Harshini

Evaluation of Cardioprotective activity of Poly herbal extract on Dox and ISO induced Cardiac toxicity in Albino rats

119-135 Abdul Razzaq Mohammed, Abdul Mudasir Mohammed

Bedaquiline-a potential inhibitor of COVID-19 main protease based on molecular docking

136-144 S.Sivaraj, R.A.Siva, M.Karunagaran, K.Yuvaraj, M.Mohammed Ismail, .Muralidharan, A.Suguna, S.Rangaraj

Changes in minimum qualification for teachers in medical colleges in India for appointments and promotions: A conclusion

145-152 Dr.Pooja Agrawal, Dr.Virendra Kushwaha, Dr.Tanvi Azmi

Nephroprotective activity of tamarindus indica linn fruit extract on cisplatin induced nephrotoxicity in rats

153-165 G. Sumithira, Danish T.K, Muhammed Shabeer A, Muhammed Anas K , Krishnamoorthy.B

Antidiabetic activity of alcoholic fruit extract of mallotus philippensis muell.arg. in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats

166-176 G. Sumithira, , Muhammed Shabeer A, Danish TK, Ashma A, Krishnamoorthy .B

A study on prevalence and evaluation of management of sepsis on pediatric in a tertiary care hospital

177-181 Gaddam. Mahonnatha, Vidhya. Maheswaram, Siluveru. Sharon Rose, Kowdagani Maruthi