Published: Jan 9, 2020

A study of correlation in between sublingual vitamin D3 and blood pressure

1-11 Sanjeeva Kumar Goud. T, Dr.Tilekar P.B, Dr. Rahul Kunkulol

A study of drug-drug interactions in patients of chronic kidney disease at a tertiary care hospital

12-22 Dr. Latha Kamath, Dr. Hema NG, Dr. Himamani S

A prospective study on antimicrobial therapy and its clinical outcomes in infectious diseases with stewardship programme

58-76 Dr. Sneha P, Afrah Majeed, Ayesha Fathima, Dr. Madhavi, Saniya Kanwal, Afra Jabeen

Anti-hyperlipidemic effect of Caralluma lasiantha extract on hyperlipidemia induced by cafeteria-diet in In vivo model

41-51 Dr.Harish Kumar V S

Paracetamol is capable to cause Steven Johnson Syndrome: a case report

37-40 Dr. Priyanka Pravinbhai Hotha, Dr. C. Dinesh M. Naidu, Nimisha Elezebeth Zachariah3

Study and analysis of different adverse effects associated with psychotropic drugs in psychiatry outpatient unit of a teaching hospital

77-86 Dr. Mohammed Abdul Majeed, Dr. Prashanth Kumar Patnaik, Dr.Sadiya Sanjer, Dr.Imran Khan

To study the effect of azoles (antifungal drugs) on blood glucose level in albino rabbits

52-57 Dr.Virendra Kushwaha, Dr.Tanvi Azmi, Dr.S.K.Barman, Dr.Pooja Agrawal

Several pathways involved in cardiac fibrosis which helps to discover better treatment

93-99 Vishwadeep Madhukar Shelke, Dr. Ghanshyam Balakrishna Jadhav, Govind Radhakrishna Garad

Artificial kidney - review article

87-92 Asma Sultana Muhammad, E.Rajeswari, G.Usha Kiran, N.Nagamalleswari, Dr.Y.A.Chowdary

Preliminary Phytochemical Screening and Quantitative Analysis of Citrus maxima (Brum.) Leaves Extract

100-106 Biswash Sapkota, Chandra Prakash K,, Varsha Jain

A retrospective observatioanal study on adherence quadruple therapy for coronary artery disease in a tertiary care corporate hospital

23-36 K.Navya, P.Mounika, T. Divya Sree, D.Navya, N.Sriram