Published: Apr 13, 2017

Evaluation of Hepatoprotective activity of Jasminum Sambac in rats

104-116 Veeresh Babu D, Ramesh Kulkarni, RamdasBhatt

A review on essentials of drug interactions

117-126 Dr. G. RamyaBalaprabha, Sai Mahitha, Aparna, Vikas Patnaiak, Sikha Singh, Dr.Sharadha. R, Dr. K. Abbulu

A questionnaire based study to assess the knowledge of 2nd year medical students on self-medication / OTC

127-133 DrSwapna R Nayaka, DrSabariAnand J V

Formulation and in vitro, in vivo evaluation of Cefiximecontrolled Gastroretentive floating drug delivery system

134-146 E. Sathish Reddy, Meesala. SrinivasaRao, Mohammed Ibrahim

Hypolipidemic changes in Kanakalingakarpooratimezhugu therapyin Experimental hypothyroid disorder

147-150 Elango.V , JeyaVenkatesh J

Analysis of hospital deaths as per the patients time of arrival to the hospital and evaluation of the net and gross deaths

151-154 Dr.Bheemathati Rangarao, Dr.V.Kalarani

A randomized double blinded placebo controlled trail on efficacy of resveratrol in controlling hypertension

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Assessment of factors influencing self reported drug adherence to anti-epileptic drugs at a tertiary care hospital

163-169 Dr. Mohammed Yaqub Pasha, Dr.Debdipta Bose, Dr.Sushma M, Dr.Jagadish B. Agadi

In-Vivo studies of anti-parkinson activity of Ropinirole Hydrochloride loaded in microsphere for brain targeting by intranasal delivery

170-174 Shubhrajit Mantry, Anna Balaji

An anti-diabetic activity of stevia rebaudiana with vitamin E

175-181 P. K. Pawar, I. Ansari, Dr. S.K. Pawar

Evaluation of pattern, predictability, severity and preventability of adverse drug reactions in the department of psychiatry at a tertiary care hospital in bengaluru – a five years experience

182-190 Dr. C R. Jayanthi, Dr.Debdipta Bose, Dr.Sushma M

Evaluation of anti-hemolytic activity of green tea aqueous extracts by in vitro method

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A comparative study of efficacy and safety of topical travoprost 0.004% versus latanoprost 0.005% in the treatment of primary open angle glaucoma at a tertiary care hospital

199-207 C R Jayanthi, Divyashree R N , Sujatha R

Comparison of efficacy and safety of teneligliptin versus sitagliptin as add on to metformin in type 2 diabetes mellitus at a tertiary care hospital

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Assessment of level of knowledge and to explore association between knowledge and diabetic complications among type 2 diabetes mellitus patients

218-223 Thushara.C, Sreeja. P A, Dr Radhakrishnan. A P

Comparative analysis of first versus latest version of WHO essential medicine list

224-231 Kavyashree AC, Laxminarayana Kamath

A study on evaluation of hypothyroidisim associated with pregnancy women

232-235 Thangamani.S, Sweety George, Dr .Mini.N.M

Curcumet capsules; an effective supplementation for various life style disorders & as a potent Antioxidant

236-241 GovindShukla, NagalakshmiYaparthy, NehaGiri, G.Santosh, C.J. Sampath Kumar

Longitudinal effects of in utero methadone exposure on development using revised norms on the Bayley Scales of Infant Development (BSID)

242-246 Sherry Dingman, Maria E. MelilliOtte, William VanOrnum, Rachel Trainque

Comparing the adverse drug reactions of conventional versus newer anti epileptic drugs: an observational study

247-254 C. R. Jayanthi, Arjun Subash