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Biosimilars are considered to be one of the solutions to combat the substantially increasing costs of cancer treatment and its imminent introduction is expected to expand affordability worldwide. Biosimilars were developed as copies of original products that were themselves copies/better biosimilars of natural proteins.


To review the drug utilization and Quality of life of biosimilars used in oncology patients.


It was a Hospital based observational, prospective study conducted by random selection of 50 patients. The data was collected regarding demographic details of the patient, chemotherapeutic drugs and administration,diagnosis, laboratory tests, mammography, PET (positron emission tomography), present complaints, history of patients and QOL of patients were also recorded. Patients were included in the study after obtaining verbal informed consent.

Results and discussion

In this prospective observational study the drug utilization review of biosimilars in various types of cancers were evaluated in a total of 50 patients.Among 50 patients who were treated with biosimilars and chemotherapeutics, 22% were male and 78% were female. The mean total scores for breast cancer, lung cancer, melanoma,NHL ,HL Urothelial carcinoma and colon cancer subjects at final visit increased compared to initial visit. This increment was highly significant statistically and the values were found to be [t= 30.9487, p= 0.0001] at 95% confidence interval.


All biosimilars showed improvement in symptoms &QOL scores. During the study period it was revealed that the most commonly used biosimilars for breast cancer was Trastuzumab, lung cancer durvalumab, melanoma &hodgkin’s lymphoma &urothelial carcinoma & colon cancer nivolumab, non-hodgkin’s lymphoma rituximab. The maximum improvement in QOL was obtained with nivolumab in urothelial cancer, melanoma &Hodgkin’s lymphoma patients.


Biosimilars Cancer Fact Questionnaire QOL DUR

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Dr.SyedaZaineb Kubra Hussaini, Dr. G. Tulja Rani, Dr. A. Santa, GotlaKrishnaveni Yadav, Gadiparthi Yamini, InalaSai Teja, & GundepoguSravan Kumar. (2021). Drug utilization review and quality of life of biosimilars used in oncology in tertiary care hospital. International Journal of Research in Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics, 8(3), 335-342.


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