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AIM: This study aimed to evaluate the Anti-arthritic activity of the alcoholic extract of  Phyllanthus acidus(L.) fruits in albino rats using suitable animal models.

METHODS: the Phyllanthus acidus(L.) plant was collected and authenticated. The fruits were dried for ten days subjected to get coarse powder. The course powder subjected to soxhlet apparatus by using various solvents. The phytochemical analysis was conducted using various tests. The arthritic activity was induced by using Freund’s adjuvant injection. The paw volume was assessed using plethysmometer.

RESULTS: the alcoholic extract of Phyllanthus acidus(L.) showed anti-arthritic activity in rats. The arthritic activity induced by Freund’s adjuvant injection was reduced in the treatment group, as observed in the plethysmometer.

CONCLUSION: the findings of the study suggest that the alcoholic extract of Phyllanthus acidus(L.) fruits possesses anti-arthritic activity, but in less and could be a therapeutic agent for the treatment of arthritis disease. Further studies required to explore the mechanism of action and safety of this extract.


Phyllanthus acidus(L.) anti-arthritic activity extract plethysmometer Freund’s adjuvant injection

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Pugazhendhi S, Manivannan D, & Senthil Kumar K L. (2024). In Vivo Evaluation Of Anti-Arthritic Activity In The Fruits Of Phyllanthus Acidus (L.) Using Albino Rats. International Journal of Research in Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics, 13(2), 134-138. Retrieved from


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