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Ethanolic extract of whole plant of Alternanthera Philoxeroides (Family: Amaranthaceae) was assessed for its anti-inflammatory activity by in vitro methods. In vitro anti-inflammatory activity was evaluated using albumin denaturation assay activity at different concentrations. Diclofenac sodium was used as standard drugs. The results showed that ethanolic extraction of Alternanthera Philoxeroides (EEAP) at a concentration range of 100-1000µg/ml significantly (p<0.01) protects the heat induced protein denaturation. EEAP showed significant (p<0.01). The results obtained in the present study indicate that ethanolic extracts of Alternanthera Philoxeroides can be a potential source of anti-inflammatory agents.


Alternanthera Philoxeroides In vitro anti-inflammatory albumin denaturation assay

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V. V. Rajesham, V. Sowmya, G. Supriya Reddy, P. Roshan Ali, & T. Rama Rao. (2023). Phytochemical Profiling, GC-MS Analysis and In Vitro Anti-Inflammatory Activity Of Alternanthera Philoxeroides Leaves. International Journal of Research in Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics, 12(4), 332-340. Retrieved from


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