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There are several novel drug delivery systems have been developed in various routes of administration to produce control and targeted drug delivery, magnetic micro tablets are one them. This micro carriers includes magnetic microspheres, magnetic liposomes, magnetic nano particles, magnetic released erythrocytes, magnetic emulsions, magnetic suspensions ,etc. magnetic micro or nano particles and magnetic emulsions are used to treat several disorders and imaging of effected organs. This project is depend on the principles of magnetic targeting and mechanism of magnetic targeted drug delivery. Advantages and disadvantages (i.e. Benefits and drawbacks) of magnetic targeting, magnetic micro carriers and application of magnetism in targeted drug  delivery and some other field magnetically drug delivery by particulate carriers is an efficient method of delivering drug to localised disease such as tumors non targeted application of magnetic nano spheres are used as contrast agents and as drug reservoirs they act a magnet applied outside the body historic applications of a magnetic micro spheres will be applied as well as future directions of  effects to be overcome for the effective and profitable use of magnetic micro spheres in pharmacy practices[5].


Magnetic Targeting, Magnetic Microsphere, Magnetic Nanosphere, Magnetic Neutrophiles, Magnetic Liposomes. Magnetic Emulsion.

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S.V. Kali Dinesh Kumar, Salman khan, S. Ravindra, P Sai Teja, G. Usha kiran, Y. V. Veerendranadh, & Y.A. Chowdary. (2022). Magnetically modulated drug delivery system. International Journal of Research in Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics, 11(4), 180-185.


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