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Kidney is the one of most important organ in our body for excretion or elimination or filtration. It excrete waste material, nitrogenous waste some drugs etc. In these study, we study different types of drugs are involved in the renal damage such as NSAIDS ,antibiotics ,diuretics , antiviral, antiepileptic etc. these  drugs mainly effects on the GFR .Due to increase of exposure of these drugs cause some renal disease or renal damage.



Renal GFR, Drugs, Acute interstitial nephritis, CKD, Analgesic nephropathy, Prostaglandins

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K.Praveen, P.Rosaiah, Y.Nagarjunareddy, & I.Divya. (2022). Drugs effect on renal damage or GFR. International Journal of Research in Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics, 11(3), 150-153.


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