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Solar energy is a source of energy from sun, conversation of this energy is very beneficial to human. It can be converted into electrical or some other ways. Solar panels are a specially designed panel which absorbs solar energy that converts into electrical energy and that can be used in various ways .Study on installation of solar power energy at the hospitals will be useful and by differentiating the normal source of electricity usage with that of the solar energy and some other electricity sources it can be judged by considering the various parameters like, power conception bills of various hospitals that are under consideration, A break even analysis is a kind of  technical study and giving a rough idea on the relationship cost volume and profit  which is a best way for planning and financial reporting hence this analysis gives an cost of comparison and some of the limitations. By such kind of studies it will be better for patient care, reduce cost of expenditure in maintenance of hospitals.


APVVP Break even analysis Comparative study

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Dr.V.Rambabunaik, & Dr. B.S.Rajiv. (2021). A study on installation of solar power energy at CHC, Shadnagar, AH Nagarkurnool and District Hospital, Mahabubnagar with reference to break even analysis - comparative study. International Journal of Research in Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics, 5(4), 348-352. Retrieved from


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