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The total quality management system is committed mostly in order to attain high standards of work output in various fields. By applications of this technique in a sick neonatal care unit, it will be beneficial. Generally, various SNCU indicators were used for the effective implementation of a total quality management system. Actually main goal of this is for, an organization should establish, maintain certain documentation and implement them along with the maintenance which suits for an international standards which can be found by various data presentation and analysis technique to be calculated by using some of the formula for an analysis of trend in system and also alterations to do for them. General observations are done at in hospital SNCU, some considerations need to be done for this study, analyzed data of performance of indicators which were analyzed over a period of 6 months and discussions of various performance indicators are to be noted .if any problems were detected in TQM that can de be altered by taking some suggestions, by doing so standards can be attained. 


Trend analysis LAMA rate SMART Performance Indicator

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Dr.V.Rambabunaik, & Dr.B.S.Rajiv. (2021). A study on SNCU performance indicators for effective implementation of total quality management system. International Journal of Research in Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics, 5(4), 342-347.


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