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The purpose of the study was To design, formulate and evaluate Colon Specific Delivery System tablets of Mesalamine which is effective in Management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. The present work is aimed at preparation and evaluation of Colon Specific Delivery System tablets of Mesalamine using using HPMC K 100, Eudragit S 100 as polymers in varying ratios. The tablets were evaluated for its Thickness, Hardness, Friability, Friability, Disintegration and in vitro drug release studies. The FTIR studies revealed no chemical interaction between the drug molecule and polymers and found that drug was compatible with used polymer. In vitro drug release study confirms that formulation F9 was the best formulation as it releases 98.81 % at the end of 10 hr. This confirms the developed Mesalamine tablet is promising for Colon Specific Delivery System.


Mesalamine Disintegration Management Eudragit S Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose

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Milind Mahajan, Shweta Shrivas, Rakesh Patel, Jeevan Patel, & Gaurav Jain. (2024). Formulation Optimization and Characterization of Colon Specific Delivery System for Effective Management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. International Journal of Research in Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics, 13(2), 69-73. Retrieved from


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