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Purpose: To determine the knowledge attitude and utilization of herbal home remedies in Malabar remedies in Malabar region of Kerala.

Methods: This was a descriptive cross-sectional study conducted over 4 months and included a structured and validated questionnaire. It was conducted among people of different age groups in the Malabar region of Kerala, India.

Result: About 52.5% of the total study population use herbal home remedies and 44.7 % of them use it along with allopathic medicine. The study results show that the majority of the population uses herbal home remedies for minor ailments such as cough (64.4%), and cold (54.6%) and cosmetic purposes such as hair care (58.4%) and skin care (51.7%). Easy availability, greater efficacy, and fewer side effects are the main factors driving people to herbal home remedies. The majority of participants are unaware of herb-herb and herb-food interactions and the severity of medical complications associated with the use of herbal home remedies. Social media also promotes the use of herbal home remedies. The purpose of using herbal home remedies of the study participants was mainly for treatment and curative purposes.

Conclusion: The study found a high prevalence of the use of herbal home remedies among the population of the Malabar region. Depending on the interests of the population, more attention should be paid to skin and hair care and formulation of cough, cold, and fever. There is a need to increase public awareness and education on the risks and complications of using herbal home remedies.


Herbal home remedy knowledge attitude side effects utilization

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Kumanan R, Sudha S, Fahmidha Yasmin C, Fathima Nasrin K.P, Mayika T.P, Sreya K, & Ayisha Foumina K.P. (2023). Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude, and Utilization of Herbal Home Remedies in Malabar Region, Kerala, India. International Journal of Research in Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics, 12(4), 309-323. Retrieved from


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