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The present study was open labelled, balanced, randomized, two treatment, two sequence, two period,single dose, cross over comparative oral Bio-equivalence of pioglitazone 45mg tablet study on 16 healthy, adult, human subjects under fasting condition. Test product and treatment with reference drug are done during every period of study. Two-period study is designed over 2 periods with wash out period of 10 days in between and single-dose study because each subject receives only a single dose in each period



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Naga Subrahmanyam, K.Madhava Rao, B.Anupama, B.Maneesha, L. Sai Priya, & M.Vikithasree. (2023). Assessment of The Bio-Equivalence by Comparing the Single Oral Dose Bioavailability of Pioglitazone Usp Tablets 45 Mg Compare with Reference Product Actos 45mg Tablet in Healthy Adult. International Journal of Research in Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics, 12(2), 85-92.


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